About Us

L1 Capital International is an independent global investment manager established as a joint venture between Perpendo Investment Management and L1 Capital.

Perpendo: verb (Latin) to weigh or assess carefully; to consider, examine, ponder

We aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in high quality companies in well-structured industries that have aligned management and favourable cashflow-based valuations.

We invest in businesses that will continue to strengthen over the medium to long term to match our investment horizon. We believe this enables us to exploit the short-term gyrations of the market.

We focus on capital preservation and minimizing the downside risk for each of our investments. We view risk as a permanent loss of capital as opposed to volatility in share prices.

We are fully aligned. All of the investment team own a stake in the business and have invested in the fund. We are entirely focussed on running a single global strategy. Our business model is focused on performance fees that are only payable by generating strong returns to clients.

L1 Capital is a global investment manager established in 2007 with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and London. L1 Capital manages money for a range of clients including large superannuation funds, endowment funds, pension funds, financial planning groups, asset consultants, family offices, high net worth individuals and retail investors.

Further information on L1 Capital may be found at www.l1.com.au.